Escape into the solitude of the blue waters of Andaman

The Andaman Islands are a group of Islands in the Bay of Bengal. They are a major centre of tourist attraction that you can visit in your Andaman honeymoon packages since the days post independence. The pre-independence history of the islands is pretty interesting. The cellular jail is the focal point of the trip to the islands. A living testimony of the cruelty of the British and the patriotism of the Indian freedom fighters, cellular jail inspires anyone be it Indian or foreign. The beaches and other natural wonders of the islands are very interesting to watch and observe. All these in your Andaman tour packages from Mumbai bring you closer to nature in the islands.




Situated in the middle Andaman, this beach is in the North Passage Island. A good snorkeling spot, this beach with white sand has seas around it with beautiful dolphins. You can also see the Guitar Island and the Strait Island on both sides. You will have to travel for two hours from the Yeratte Jetty in Long Island.


This is the most famous beach in Little Andamans. It is best known for its accommodation facilities mainly in resorts managed locally. The beach is suitable for coral viewing, sun basking, etc. Cool your heels in the blue waters as you leisure your time away.




Voted as one of the best beaches in Asia by Time Magazine, it is a beautiful beach south of Havelock Island. It also has a forest canopy nearby to the beach. The beach is a slightly sloping one with white grainy sand. This beach has much to offer when you are choosing your Andaman Tour Packages from Ahmadabad.


Located in the Neil Island, the beach has shallow sea ideal for snorkeling. The rich coral reef around and star fishes, ornamental fish, sea urchins are good for the visitors with a scientific temperament. Bring out the marine biologist in you for a few days of sea surfing.


When you are in Andaman, hire a glass bottom boat and go for coral viewing which is a precious experience. This is the major attraction on this beach. A very soothing experience for the senses, this beach is full of activities for the youngsters. The neat and tidy beach has much more to offer than any other beaches on the island.


This exotic beach is home to thousands of turtles. The nesting takes place in the months of December and January. There are facilities provided by Forest officials for the nesting of the turtles. If you are opting for Andaman Tour Packages in December or January you may be lucky enough to watch the turtles.


Besides these exotic beaches there are other natural rock formations, caves and peaks to visit when you are on your Andaman honeymoon packages from Hyderabad as most of the flights to Andaman fly from Chennai. The Saddle Peak is the highest peak of the Andaman. It is a misty mountain peak with a good view from across the paddy fields on its plains. At 732 m, it towers over a plain of paddy fields. It is best known for its orange orchards and forest wealth.

The lime stone caves called Alfred Caves is a must visit as part of your Andaman tour packages from Mumbai. The caves can be reached by a trek through the forest for a few kilometers. Make sure you get the help of forest officials and also start early so that you may return before the dusk. It is a group of 41 caves with a narrow opening leading to a chain of caves.


The twin islands, as they are known are a magnificent group of two islands connected by a sand bar. The sand bar disappears under water in high tide. With the help of officials you can walk across the sand bar to and fro .The sea water has a clear blue color and the neatness makes it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. There is abundance of marine life around the beach and the coral reef is worth watching. You can surely spend some quality time on the shores sun bathing too. The islands are covered with tropical forests ideal for trekking and trail hiking to make your Andaman holiday packages eventful.


When you are in Diglipur take a look around the mud volcanoes of Shyamnagar forest area. They are semi evergreen forest around the site of mud volcanoes. Some are dormant volcanoes while others are emerging ones. To see volcanoes so closely is an experience of a life time.




These limestone caves have been formed by years of deposit of shells, skeletons, coral and other sediments. The constantly evolving caves are formed by the compression of millions of years. Some caves are pitch dark and slippery too. Nevertheless it is a feast to the eyes and you must see them. It must be included in your Andaman tour packages.

Any Andaman holiday packages from Delhi are incomplete without a look at the only waterfalls of the island. The White surf and whisper wave waterfalls are a joy to watch. When you get tired of the monotony of the beaches, trek out to the jungles to watch the waterfalls. Located in the Little Andaman, the waterfalls are surrounded by lush evergreen forest, the pleasure of any nature lover.  You can trek to the top of the hill where there is a pool of water from which the waterfall originates.

These and many more attractions wait for you in your next Andaman tour packages from Bangalore. Be sure to make it a point to start early as most of the sites are in and around forests which turn wild at dusk. So return safe when you start early. The beaches are splendid, the waterfalls magnificent and the caves spellbinding.



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