Things not to miss when visiting Andaman


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The Andaman Islands have a long history of invasions by many troops and finally India won over these islands during the Independence struggle. These Islands (about 570) are famous for their pristine beaches, tropical rain forests, beautiful coral reefs that support a rich marine life, and a wide variety of flora and fauna that make these islands ideal for tourism. A visit to these islands would be unrivalled compared to any other beach destinations around the world for holidays. Tour packages to various locations can be divided according to the number of days one is staying at the Andaman’s. Andaman tour packages from Bangalore can involve from half day tour, up to six-day tour packages. These packages could be booked in advance so that you can avail a discount. Port Blair is the capital of the Andaman Islands and the arrival point for all tourists. Further assistance could be availed from the tourism office located here. Tour packages in and around Port Blair will include a visit to the historical Cellular Jail. Famous during the colonial times, the past stories are depicted in the form of a light and sound show which is played during the evening. Further picnic spots include visiting Islands in the vicinity of Port Blair and then taking part in the fun filled water-based activities along the beaches.


The Islands are known for their rich marine biodiversity. The coral reefs of this region are just one of its kind. The island is surrounded by the fringing reefs on the eastern side and the barrier reefs on the western side accounting to about 6% of the island which makes it 2000sqkm. The combination of shapes and the myriad colors make this marine ecosystem a wonder to behold. Andaman is a tropical climate so one can expect rains anytime during the year. Also, Andaman experiences the southwestern as well as the northeastern monsoons. Andaman tour packages from Hyderabad can include half and one-day tour packages within Port Blair itself and will include a visit to the Naval Marine museum, emporium, science center, a visit to the Historical Cellular Jail and the tour commences with a light and sound show. A large number of resorts and hotels have sprung up along Port Blair which would include experienced guides who would assist you in your holiday.
andamantourism-copy-copySome of the activities that can be pursued when in Andaman are snorkeling, undersea walking, speed boating, jet skiing, parasailing, sports fishing, glass bottom boating, riding on a seaplane and much more. Diving in the Andaman sea waters will let you explore a world filled with beautiful and exotic colors and shapes. But it’s better to learn about the scuba diving essentials, equipment, and diving techniques beforehand and to practice in a pool before getting into the sea directly. Andaman tour packages from Mumbai are designed such a way as to offer these snorkeling and diving packages. Also, you will have the most primal experience of life amidst the clear blue waters and the tepid sands.

Havelock islands which lie 57 km northeast of Port Blair has some of the best beaches. The Vijaynagar and Radhanagar beaches are the most prominent beaches and famous for their turquoise blue waters. Diving and snorkeling are the best activities to be pursued on these beaches. Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful mangroves on the island. It is said that Andaman Mangroves comprises of 1/5th of the total mangrove population in India. Kayaking does not require any previous practice and is relatively easy. The trip lasts for 2.5 hours and the chirping of birds along the way is very melodious. The tour packages will offer such kayaking trips of which prior confirmation is mandatory. In the case of bad weather, the trip will be canceled and money would be refunded. Major resorts have sprung up along the beaches of Havelock Island and Neil Island. There are diving sites which are yet to be explored by tourists. The tour packages will cover all the top diving sites of these beaches and the diving sites are being named according to their complexity as All, Intermediate and advanced category.


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a home to a variety of species of flora and fauna. These islands possess 96 sanctuaries and 9 national parks and various endemic species of birds and animals are found here. About 50 varieties of forest mammals, 270 species of birds, 225 species of butterflies and moths are found in the Andaman. A large number of these species are endemic to the region. Andaman tour packages from Ahmedabad can be booked well in advance which will be much cheaper and you can book the number of days that you require your vacation. You could also avail the number of days you want to spend on a particular place such as Havelock Islands more than others depending on your interest and the activities that you would want to pursue when you are on that Island.


Andaman is one untainted place yet to be explored completely. One of the best parts of coming to the Andaman’s is to enjoy with your spouse because there is a lot for couples to enjoy in these pristine beaches. Andaman Honeymoon Packages will ensure that you soak in everything beautiful and enchanting from the Andaman in these tour packages. Taking part in all the thrilling activities, coral reef excursions, boating and savoring some of the most delicious seafood offered in these islands will make your honeymoon a very memorable one. Right from the historical monuments in Port Blair to the mesmerizing sunrise on Vijaynagar beach and the captivating sunset at Radhanagar beach, to snorkeling and diving across the clear blue waters Andaman has it all. The precious moments that you can enjoy with your spouse in these fascinating Islands are not to be missed by honeymooners.



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