Thrilling activities in Andaman

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an Archipelago in the Indian Ocean with the Bay of Bengal on the West and the Andaman Sea on the East. The islands of Andaman are popular for the pristine beaches and picturesque hills and lush green forests.


These islands are blessed with plenty of hillocks which make it a perfect destination for trekking. Also known as backpacking, this is a very popular adventure sport that you may enjoy. Some of the best trekking points of Andaman will include Mount Harriet – Madhuban. This rocky stretch of terrain from the hammock Mount Harriet to Madhuban is one good spot for trekking. The distance is approximately 16kms and is through the sprawling jungle which houses various exotic species of birds, butterflies and animals. Andaman tour packages from Hyderabad will include stay in Andaman’s beautiful islands and you can also take part in all the activities that the tour package has to offer. Another beautiful spot is Bharatang to limestone caves. It is the journey to the caves through dense forests and across large stones and it takes 15- 20 min to reach your destination.


Saddle peak is another beautiful place with rich biodiversity and many endemic species of birds, butterflies and trees too. This place is ideal for trekking and has nature trails through the evergreen rain forest. It is only 732 m above sea level and the highest peak of the Andaman’s and Kalpong is the only river that flows through it and it has the very first hydroelectric project. At Havelock, the Elephant beach offers another exciting trek through the mangroves to reach the beach. Approximate time would be 45min to reach this destination. Andaman Honeymoon packages will include stay in Islands of your choice, or you can stay in the capital Port Blair and visit these islands during the day and return back to Port Blair by evening.


Other exciting activities that you can pursue in Andaman is Jet skiing. This is among the most popular adventures. This adrenaline filled water sport is a must try for all those coming to the Andaman’s.  With the help of life jackets and experienced guides who pilots the Jet Ski, this will be a very thrilling and yet safe activity that you can pursue. The tourist places in Andaman will include a visit to the picturesque Islands from the capital Port Blair.  Havelock Island, Neil Island, viper island are some of the best ones with Radhanagar beach on Havelock is said to be the best in Asia. Port Blair also has a lot number of places to visit. Another interesting activity that you can do in Andaman is Snorkeling. You need not be an experienced diver to do this.


The coral reefs of Andaman are the best and to be able to watch this beautiful and colorful marine ecosystem is an experience of a lifetime. The best two places to go for snorkeling in Northern Bay Island and Elephant Beach at Havelock Island. Underwater Sea walking is another way to explore the bottom of the sea. The gear that is provided is a large full face window like a Sea Walker Helmet which offers a close up view of the bottom of the sea. You need no experience or any other complicated equipment.


You will be able to walk through the sands of the sea bottom and enjoy the variety of marine life that the seas have to offer, a boat ride to the spot in north Bay Island, which is usually a 20min ride away from Port Blair. Andaman tour takes you to the best of places in Andaman. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty all around. You can customize your tour packages according to your choice and the number of days you plan to say in the Andaman.


Author: Andaman Great Escape

Andaman Great Escape is a leading company located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We help the tourists from various cities like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi with incredible Andaman tour packages to reach the beautiful Island. we have 15 years of experience in the travel industry. We provide the quality services and have 15 years of experience in this industry.We provide travel and tourism services. Contact details Anilkumar Pillai - Tour Operations Andaman Escapes Aswathy Holidays Office No. 102, Arjun Chs, Plot 46, Sector 1, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai - 400 709 Tel : 9987043627 / 918080394088 / 022 27540134

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