Andaman and Nicobar Islands – The dream destination for Travel enthusiasts!


If you dream of white sandy beaches in the emerald isles kissing crystal clear cyan colored water then without any doubt you should pack your bags and go on Andaman tour packages from Bangalore. These Islands can make a huge change to your attitude towards life. A lewd-mood person can change into an adventurous one at the Andaman Island. Andaman and Nicobar is an archipelago located where the Bay of Bengal meets the Andaman Sea. Though the climate remains moderate and tropical here, the best time to visit the Andamans is from December to May. Andaman and Nicobar are under the Union territory Of India. You can still see world’s oldest tribes living in these Islands. The Andaman and Nicobar islands are the best places in Asia for tourism.Here are some amazing places you must not miss in the Andamans during your most amazing Andaman tour packages from Hyderabad:


Bharatpur Beach

It is placed at the jetty of Neil Island. Bharatpur Beach is famous for the vivid coral reefs and the sparkling white shores. You can spend an entire day from the morning to the evening in this beach. If you can manage to reach here in the morning, you can enjoy water sports like snorkeling to view the coral reefs and shells. This beach is so famous for coral reefs that Neil Island is termed as the Coral Capital of Andaman. If not snorkeling, you can enjoy reading a book lying in a hammock enjoying the cool sea breeze and mild sunshine swaying along with the palms at the beach. There are many benches for strollers to stretch their legs and stalls for coconut water. This is termed as one of the best beaches in Andaman.


Radhangar Beach

This beach was selected as the best beach in Asia by Time Magazine in 2004. It is a neat and tidy beach which you must not miss for sure during your Andaman tour packages from Mumbai. The Radhanagar Beach is located at the western coast of Havelock Island. This beach is not at all crowded with tourists so that you can enjoy the tranquil ambiance and white and silky sand luminous below turquoise blue water. The beach is the best in the Andamans and perfect for long walks during the sunset. This beach is also famous for water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and other adventure sports. This place is ideally suited for honeymoon couples. The best way to enjoy is to carry a camera and take snaps of each angle of the beach. You can enjoy an elephant ride also on this beach.


Cellular Jail

This jail is known as Kalapani (black water) and this place has horrific tales to tell about the Indian Freedom Struggle. This jail was the nightmare for our freedom fighters. The British used this jail to put all political rebels to curb their natural life. Many of our freedom fighters died in this jail itself. The construction of the jail was started in 1896 and completed in 1906. The British brought red bricks from Myanmar. There are seven wings to the building and each and every cell was made in such way that no one can see any other prisoners. There were huge watchtowers from where jailers used to watch the prisoners. The prisoners were confined alone in each cell without seeing anyone. This made most of them mad and this mental agony was made worse by using them as slaves! But now this has become the biggest government hospital in Andaman. Around 40 doctors and 500 beds are available in this hospital. You should never miss this Cellular jail which is now converted into a hospital. It is a tribute to our freedom fighters. There is a beautiful garden in front of it maintained by the authorities.

Marina Park

You can easily understand the importance of the spot by checking the number of tourists who come to this park. The people who are health freaks and enjoy a morning jog can go to the jogging park of Marina. The jogging track made intact on the pristine shore is a pure joy and quite refreshing. The water sports complex is the best place for adventurous tourists. The amazing fact is that it has something for everyone. For kids, they have made a replica of a busy traffic junction for their baby scooter, tricycles, bicycles and bay motors. They can have real fun learning traffic rules while playing. The Marina Aquarium which is near to Park is under the Fisheries department, which gives us a clear picture of the lifestyle of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The tourists on Andaman tour packages from Ahemedabad have options for relishing seaside dining experience in restaurants. You can enjoy Water sports also in this Park. This is one of the two water sports clubs in Port Blair.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park

This park covers around 282 sq km and is dotted with 15 Islands. This park was opened to the public on 24th May 1983 under The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. It is home to some of the most endangered marine species. You can enjoy all adventurous water sports in this Park. It allows all tourists to enjoy the aquatic life of the Park. You can go by glass-bottom boats to enjoy and see real fun under the water. ‘Tarmugli’, which is the biggest Island in this area, and ‘Twins’ are two important turtle breeding grounds in Port Blair. You should never miss the chance to visit these Islands.

Nicobar Biosphere Reserve

The Nicobar Biosphere is a reserve area and to get in, you need to take permission from the authorities. This island is the home for aboriginal Nicobarese and Shompen people. This reserve covers around 885 Sq km. Another 12km of forest buffer zone is also there. This reserve is the home for many rare animals and plants. The main aim of the reserve is to maintain biological balance in the region. 85% of the forest in reserve is rich in species composition.

Andaman and Nicobar tourist spots are famous for its beaches and aquatic life. The life of Andaman and Nicobar is something that we can learn during the Andaman honeymoon packages and try to follow. But it’s tough to cover the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands within a short time. With proper planning and a good guide, you can make the most of your time in these islands.



Author: Andaman Great Escape

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