The only tourist destination which suits to all kinds of visitors across the world with blended attractions of pristine nature, world class beaches, water sports activities, huge scope for adventure tourism and lot more. Andaman treasures an island which serves as a unique attraction to tourists located at about 35 kilometres from Port Blair, Baratang islands which offer enchanting attractions in the form of mud volcanoes and limestone caves, a glimpse of wild nature’s beauty. Baratang Island lies to the north and middle Andaman administrative district. The island is tailor-made for nature fanatics, photographers and explorers. The island houses many private accommodations with forest and PWD rest house available for tourists providing exotic stay on the islands and the tour operators provide ​Enticing Andaman tour packages to take you to a world of enthusiasm and marvel. The island located in the middle of the Andaman is a part of great Andaman chain, a closely set archipelago in Bay of Bengal adjoining the Andaman Sea.


Baratang is home to the Jarawa tribe, known to be one of the old existing human races inhabiting the islands who are still far from modern civilisation. The settlements of Jarawa tribes are spread along the great Andaman trunk road in the Jarawa tribe reserve region. There used to have a human safari across their land earlier to have a look at these tribes from a distance but after video graphic revelations of exploitation of tribals by tourists a ban was issued to human safari by the supreme court. The Jarawas will not interact with outsiders and they follow the conventional style of hunting wild pigs, monitors lizard and fishing with bows and arrows. The trunk road ha created more savage to them and presently the road ha opened but with strict rule not to interact with tribes.





The ​Best Andaman  honeymoon packages in Andamans is the romantically secluded rides amidst mangrove creeks. On the course of the ride, you can view the hidden beauty of the island and the island itself serve as a beautiful tunnel through mangrove trees. The 13 percent of total Indian mangrove cover is the mangrove of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The boat safari offered by Baratang island along with nature made a tunnel of thick mangrove forest leads to the magnificent limestone caves. The one who hasn’t seen Sundarbans, visiting this island will be an excellent idea as it gives a feeling of safari in the jungle of sea.





A must visit attraction in Andamans deep in the mangroves where nature’s perfect cave marvel forged out of limestone is found. The prehistoric limestone caves are located between the mangrove forest and Baratang island showcasing nature’s finest architecture. 30 minutes of a boat ride and 2-kilometer trek through jungle brings you to limestone caves. The tour operators like Andaman great escapes will get you the permission to visit these caves from forest departments. Limestone caves are a cluster of 41 caves inside. There interesting part of the story is that the limestone caves change their shape during rains due to some chemical process. The less explored places in Andaman is this caves also called as Alfred caves are located near Ram Nagar beach. To reach the caves you need to trek through mangrove forests which would take actually 1-hour duration. The path to the caves is narrow and once you enter the caves it seems longer and dark. There is a possibility to spot the presence of bats inside the caves and sunlight is devoid here to some extent.






To your kind information, not all the volcanoes erupt molten lava and are best explained once you visit mud volcanoes in Baratang Island which portraits of nature’s wonders. Diglipur and Baratang islands are the only places where mud volcanoes are spotted. Compared to regular volcanoes in which lava is emitted, in mud volcanoes mud along with rock and gas are emitted. The mud flow eruption is cold and has no medicinal values. It destroys vegetations in high-risk zones. The Shyamanagar green forest in Diglipur is the location of another unique mud volcanoes. Almost 15 kilometres from Diglipur the chains of mud volcanoes can be spotted. On proceeding further bigger ones are detected. On the course of the trek, there are seating arrangements and board symbols. The trek through the forest would take 15 minutes.





Known to be the haven of parrots, flocks of parrots flew each evening to this islands and roost here. In the next morning, they will leave the landThousands of parrots of different varieties found in these islands is the favourite halt of birders. This is world’s largest habitat of parrots. the parrots coming to these islands for roosting are called parakeets. The excitement will be more to the ones with ​Thrilling  Andaman tour packages  from Delhi as they can spot them rarely in their life. Above the silent sea, they flock together in groups. To reach the islands, you need to catch Dunghi, a small cruise for 45 minutes and on the course of ride look up to the sky to watch varieties of parrots coming over from different directions and settle down in the forest. the forest is thicker with mangrove trees well grown to give a view of mangrove garden.





Baludera Beach is yet another silent and deserted beach in Andamans at a distance of 9 kilometres from Nilambur Jetty. This beach is unexplored and remains uninhabited, because of its calm and serene environment, it attracts many tourists. The beach is safe, swimming can be done here. Also one can go up to on kilometres to the sea during low tides owing to its shallow shores. There are tree top huts to entertain visitors and elephant rides across the shores.





Locate to the close proximity of Baratang islands, long islands are rather deserted and are an ideal place to take up snorkelling in the calm and tranquillizing beaches. By ferry, it takes 45 minutes to reach the island and has regular ferry services from Rangat Bay. An ideal place to explore snorkelling.


If you are travelling on your own, always carry food with you because the islands don’t have any restaurants to supply food. Drive through the dense forest along no-overtake zone and visit on the way alluring attractions. Once you cross the great Andaman trunk road adhere the rules mentioned on street boards as the habitat of Jawars are on the way. Feeding them and giving them a ride are prohibited. The stay at Baratang islands is really exotic and a treat for explorers.


Author: Andaman Great Escape

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