The Andaman Islands are a group of islands and these are divided into different sections of which there are several islands placed in a group, one of which is the renowned Mahatma Gandhi national park, the largest national parks of India within Wandoor in Andaman. The park comes under the South Andaman administrative district, which is a part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The park came into existence on 24 May 1983 below the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 to shield marine life together with the corals and nesting sea turtles common inside the place. The park was shielded under the safety of the Chief Wildlife Warden of the forest branch of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. There are 2 principal island categories in the park which are the Labyrinth Islands and the Twin Islands. The islands are located sixteen kilometers south from Port Blair. The marine park covers 281.5 square kilometers made from 17 islands and the open sea creeks running across the area. There is a potential of eco-tourism to progress on the islands Jolly Buoy and Red Skin. The islands belong to the Rutland Archipelago and are placed among Rutland Island and South Andaman Island. Most of the coral reefs within the park are fringing reefs. The kind and composition of plant life vary from island to island. Most considerably there you may see a distinction between the traveler islands which go through extra anthropocentric change and others which do not. Hyderabad to Andaman Tour Package of Andaman escapes will arrange a tour to the islands which are spread across the park. There also are a few islands more isolated or covered from the outcomes of climate within the Bay of Bengal. Tarmugli, the largest island, is protected with thick mangrove plant life, sand included seashores, uprooted bushes, and sheet rocks. Twin Islands are a vital breeding floor for turtles inside the park. The park is only 29 kilometers from the capital town, port Blair and can be accessed by boat, the islands are barely inhabited by people and presently there is only 3000 population in 8 villages. The humans spotted are tourists or local helpers or tourist guides. To enthrall travelers, various water sports activities are conducted like snorkeling, scuba diving and sea walks on this islands along with the watch of marine animals out of the 15 islands in the park, only 7 are popular, the basic understanding of these are necessary prior to your visit.


Jolly Buoy Island is a non-plastic precinct and its stunning long stretched white sandy seashores are its specialties but they are no longer palm fringed but surrounded with the aid of thick forests. The island doesn’t have any rooms for to get dressed and lockers to attend to treasured assets. You must limit your leisure until midday, as the boat would start around 2 within the noon. Check out the timings of the opening of the park as the parks will be closed for 6 months and at those times, the travelers are diverted to the other island, red skin.



Jolly Buoy islands are hazardous in the course of monsoons thus additionally there comes the chance to visit red skin islands. The island has, as a result, won its name as the purple coral reefs would make the water appear pink in coloration and it has won popularity attributable to only this region. The island is least inhabited and overcrowded at some stage in top seasons. It is recommended to go to the island during offseason because the beach is narrower and with crowds around you, will not allow you to experience the island to the fullest. Hiring a boat of glass bottomed can present you the sight of red coral reefs nurturing in the underwater. The local cuisine is served in eating places with different mouth-watering cuisines that may satisfy your belly.

chidiya andaman gret escape


 This island is the third most visited tourist attraction of the park which is located towards Macpherson straight at the south side of the park. The island presents an opportunity to get trained in the water diving owing to the shallow waters on the island. There are chances to watch corals with ease and endangered marine life.



Most of the packages especially tourists who have taken Gorgeous Andaman Honeymoon are aware of the beauty of the twin islands, which are actually not one but two which are Ross and Smith Islands. The Ross Island is 2 kilometers away from Port Blair presently throw a ray of earlier history happened here. The earthquake in 1941 has caused the present devasting condition of the island. The island was once the headquarters of Andaman and later Japanese converted the site into a POW camp and built war installations. Both nature lovers and history buffs will love this place not only because this place has proofs of ruined history but also it opens up the world of rejoicing for fun seekers. The island along with its neighboring Smith, Neil, and Barren islands act as a tourist spot in Andaman. The both islands are just joined by thick straits of sands and activities in these islands are in plenty, like glass boat ride, Smritika museum, light and sound show, great fishing experience etc.



Largest among the 15 islands of the park, this island opens up a watch of vistas of the thick vegetation of mangroves. The island offers a spooky look with its uprooted trees on the seashores and crystal clear waters those attributing towards the view of a wicked witch.



This Island has a rich historical background covered fully with thick forests and coral reefs. The name attributes to the meaning of the Monkey God, Shri Hanuman in Malay. ALEXANDRA ISLANDS – The only town island in the park and is the reason for its mass popularity in the park. Apart from these mentioned islands, on the request of the tourists, the travel organizers can arrange a tour in the best honeymoon packages to Andaman with a visit to other islands viz. Chester, grub, Boat, Bell, Riflemen, Hob day and Pluto which is a part of eco-tourism travel.



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