For those who have traveled the Andaman Islands, the place is a matter of excitement with exotic beaches and pristine environment. Unlike other places, Andaman Island treasures many unknown facts and history. It is important to understand the geography, history, lifestyle, attractions, and significance of the islands prior to visiting it. The beautiful coastlines, lushly forested reserves, white sandy shores, mangrove creeks will obviously entice everyone. Your travel guide may not be that efficient in providing you with sufficient awareness about the islands. Also, for history fanatics who are interested in collecting awareness and facts about a place, you are most welcome to the prodigious museum run by Indian Navy in Andaman, Samudrika Naval marine museum. A great proportion of people find visiting a museum is really boring but here the whole Andaman is presented before you to unleash its facts. Your perception will change after visiting this Indian Navy run museum. Andaman is frequented mostly by honeymoon couples and family, they revel in the beaches and water sports adventure. Visiting the Andaman Islands at the first time requires guidance from experts and some renowned travel organizers like Andaman Great Escapes are arranging budget-friendly packages exclusively for the family. If you are on your tour with your kids, then visiting this naval marine museum is necessary as before a blast making them aware of the place where they are spending their holiday is suggested. Even parents can be benefitted, thus including the Samudrika museum in the itinerary of Andaman Tour Packages from Hyderabad for family can increase your excitement level before the sightseeing itself. Try to make it as the first destination in the package. Well maintained by the officers of Indian Navy, the museum opens up the gallery to understand the marine life of Andaman Islands in detail. You will be welcomed at the entrance by the huge skeleton of the blue whale from the Nicobar Islands. Located in the heart of the capital city, Port Blair you will get an opportunity to realize various aspects of the oceanic environment. Just consider visiting this museum as a curtain raiser before the actual show. The museum is divided into five sections each categorizing history, geography, people, archaeology and marine life of Andaman.

Room number one – where history and geography of Andaman is hidden

History of Andaman Islands

Room number one shows you the history of the islands starting from the evolution of its name. Of which the interesting one being the volcanoes of Andaman. We know that Barren islands house India’s only active volcano. Not only Barren islands but Nar condom islands in Andaman has a dormant volcano from which even the island was formed. A detailed description regarding these will be shown. The interesting one will be that of mud volcanoes in Diglipur and Baratang. Also, the room demonstrates the forest and sanctuaries of Andaman. The type of woods found insects and wildlife of the islands will be shared with you. This can benefit once you are on a trek or while visiting wildlife sanctuaries. Some will be excited to understand the history of a place but some will not. Realizing this, Hyderabad natives are most welcomed to this place because on further research the travel organizers have come to know the excitement they possess to understand the heritage and history of a place. Moreover, being tired of around a metropolitan city and fast growing state to become the IT hub, the natives search for an outlet to shed off their stress and rejuvenate the mind. Andaman and its soothing beaches are a solution. Keeping this in mind, the trip planners have sold out massive Hyderabad to Andaman tour packages. They will obviously enjoy the museum tour to get the first breath of excitement.

Room number two – where underwater beauties are preserved

scuba diving through andaman nicobar islands

Here you can encounter the beautiful marine live samples and recollect them fast on the course of your coral safari. The Andaman Islands are famous for its exotic marine life and in this museum, various species of fishes and their names are displayed exhibiting them in real. You will be astonished to watch different varieties of fishes like Parrot fish. Colorful ones will be there and but never try to flash them as they can get disturbed.

Room number three – Housing the coral world 

Resorts in Andaman

 You can opt for a coral safari in Andaman while enjoying the Best of Andaman tour packages in a semi-submarine. This is the most interesting part of a tour package and to get the amazing chance of entering a submarine, tourists will choose the package which has coral safari mentioned in the itinerary. What we see here is the excitement of travelers to watch the coral reefs in the underwater. Before your tour, the museum will show you some exotic corals along with its exact location.

Room number four – Displaying sea shells


Some kids used to have a collection of sea shells as their hobby and here a vast display of beautiful shells are opened before you. There are a huge number of sea shells here.

Room number five to show the tribal life


Those who have passed on the Andaman trunk road on your way to Baratang Island must have encountered some tribes. They are Jarawas and the Nicobar Islands are the major islands where tribals are encountered. In ancient times, they were the inhabitants and will not interact with others. They will attack even the officials but now the government has earned their trust when they were given a privacy to live. Here the life of tribes is displayed and their tools used for livelihood. There are a variety of snake specimens and exotic butterflies displayed in this room. Japanese used to inhabit these islands in the ancient period and during which they have introduced a currency named war currency, which is also displayed here.

 After finishing your museum tour, visit the Chatham saw mill and forest museum. The Chatham saw mill is the Asia’s largest and oldest saw mill. Returning Andaman without entering the premises of this saw mill is extremely disappointing. The museum is also a lively prey of the Second World War. The natives of Hyderabad can take a look here along with the forest museum displaying the timber and the various timber artifacts. If possible, get some to your home. 


Author: Andaman Great Escape

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